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This is a site in which successful cases using Faster EFT either from ones own experience or with a client is displayed. Faster EFT has been used with great success to get rid of PTSD, M.E/C.F, fibromyalgia, self hate, phobias, anxiety disorders, poor eyesight, grief, depression, insomnia, sexual issues, trauma, relationship problems and much more! You can see for yourself what it can do on this site

There are lots of Faster EFT videos for you to watch, learn from and find out more....

There are videos to help you use faster eft, to tap along to or to just get an idea of how powerful faster eft is. There are many testimonials here.



There is also a list of practitioners if you require assistance using faster eft. There is also an events page letting you know of all the latest faster eft seminars. This website is still in progress so keep coming back to check out further developments.

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